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International freight forwarding

We provide a full range of logistic services worldwide, including international freight transport and shipping customs clearance. Our main goal is complete service in arranging of the international freight transport by air, road and sea according to our customers' requirements.
Your smooth and trouble-free office moving without disturbing your employees is very important for us. On Friday they will put their personal stuff and the important papers into archive boxes, and on Monday they will come to a new office and will see everything in the right place, computers and phones connected, and no cardboard scraps or piece of wrap film left.
Moving is not equal to a fire or a flood anymore. Flat moving would be easy, smooth and fast process for you. Our specialists will pack your stuff with care (we use special package materials to protect your stuff during moving), disassemble and pack furniture, carefully dismantle equipment. We will carefully and safely move everything into the new location.

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International freight forwarding.

Our company provides a full range of international moving services for belongings, luggage, exhibition materials, embassies, residences, and apartments stuff.
We provide the following services:
• selection of a suitable van for your task
• optimum delivery route planning and working out
• handling arrangement
• provision of packing materials
• international transportation by air, road or sea depending on volume, delivery time and the country of destination
• international "door to door" delivery
• storage and handling of goods at the company warehouse
• assistance in accompanying documents registration and preparation
• proper customs registration of goods
• furniture disassembling and reassembling
• export permit for works of art
• strict observance of assigned delivery terms


HELP services.

• Assembling, disassembling and move furniture" service is related to new furniture and used one as well. If you need your new furniture to be assembled, the excellent specialists, professional loaders, and skilled carpenters working at our company will do everything quickly and in high quality. We are ready to provide you with professional loaders services at any time.
• Our loaders execute handling at apartment and office moving, at international and intercity transportations. On your first call our loaders are ready to come, practically, at any place within Kiev, and do any handling works, irrespective of volume and complication.
• Special packing for moving becomes indispensable when fragile and delicate items are required to be packed. We offer you special packaging materials required for a moving (boxes, cardboards, corrugated cardboards, bubble wrap, stretch wrap, and tape roll). Also we offer packaging for paintings, antiques and works of art for overseas transport.


Office moving.

It is a responsible task. You are worried about the impending difficulties connected with office furniture and equipment removal? Do you need services of professional packers and loaders? You are welcome to contact us. We will provide you with top quality services related to the office moving arrangement and realization. Moving is carried out quickly, professionally and carefully. We guarantee safety of all transported items. The "Helper" moving services differs advantageously in price and quality ratio (at our low prices we offer high quality moving). We are definitely on the top of the moving market due to the rapid response to the customers' special needs, qualified staff, multitype office moving service, solid packaging material, and we are ready to move a couple of items or entire office in the convenient for the customer terms. The "Helper" professional level is confirmed


Flat moving.

Flat moving is considered to be the most stressful event for everybody. To move all your belongings you need an efficient plan of arrangement, tools, and also experienced professional loaders. We accommodate flat moving arrangement in a short period, thus quality of our services remains high irrespective of agreed moving terms. We bear full liability for all your belongings as well as for possible damaged and scratched floor, walls, ceiling, and doors in your apartment. But our highly skilled employees and their professional care of your stuff allow us to avoid any above situations. If you are confused with many personal belongings, you need a professional moving specialist to plan and estimate your moving. The flat moving process is surveyed by the executive manager who will properly answer all your queries and solve any problem on your first call.